Corporate Structures
Take a look of our subsidiaries and company structures
Pada Idi
Pada Idi is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PT Petro Energy and commenced operating in Central Kalimantan since 2006 with very minimal facilities. Despite those minimal facilities, Pada Idi group was able to address challenges and transformed into an integrated coal company (end-to-end, from upstream to downstream).

In 2007, Pada Idi group developed barge and supply loading in Teluk Timbau port. With a very adequate infrastructure, Pada Idi and Petro Energy were able to provide more extensive support for production as well as solutions for mining companies.

In 2015, Pada Idi managed to produce coal amounting to 1,000,000 MT and successfully conduct exportation to China and Cambodia and supplying also locally i.e. to Gresik and Marunda.
Linc Terminal
Established in 2006, Linc Terminal is one of the leading providers of independent storage in Indonesia for oil and chemicals, located strategically in Ciwandan - Banten, Petrochemical Hub of Indonesia.

Linc Terminal owns and operates 20 storage tanks with a total capacity of 80,000 kL, and continues to expand its capacity and network by add-on construction as well as through acquisitions and joint ventures.

The Dock facility is able to accommodate two ships docking simultaneously up to 60,000 DWT.
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