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Corporate Values
Passion is the fuel that drives our brands and energy business
Energize the organization through the collaboration of creative ideas and unique talents of our team
Treat everyone in the community - our customer, team and shareholder with respect
Customer Focus
Focus on understanding our customers' needs and develop strong connections with customer
Our high level commitment and enthusiasm enabling our customers to become high-performance businesses
Our priority is
Customer Satisfaction
Good Corporate Governance
Petro Energy believes that good corporate governance (GCG) constitute a vital portion in maintaining the company's reputation.
Petro Energy continues to strengthen corporate governance practices in order to keep up with and even exceed the standards of Indonesian corporate governance in general. The following are the principles of Corporate Governance adopted by Petro Energy.
Corporate Governance Structure
Shareholder Composition
Principle of governance
In performing its duties, Petro Energy is based on the following principles :
Whereas the company is transparent towards shareholders and other stakeholders regarding material information and matters relevant to the company.
Whereas the company is managed professionally without any internal and external interventions.
Whereas in managing its business, the company complies with the applicable legislation and the principles of sound corporate, as well as having care for the environment and society for the sustainability of the business in long term.
Whereas the company undertakes its duties and responsibilities of each division of the company effectively and correctly in accordance with the interests of the company by taking into account the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders.
Fairness and Equality
Whereas the company provides equal opportunity to shareholders and other office holders to deliver feedback, recommendations and other contributions for the advancement of the company. The Company also provides equal opportunities in recruitment of staff companies without distinguishing their background, ethnicity, belief, race, gender, and physical condition.
Corporate secretary and
investor relations division
Corporate secretary is the division having a strategic role in ensuring that the company complies with the laws and legislations as well as the capital market regulations that is directly responsible to the Board of Directors.
Investor relations (IR) is the division actively communicating with investors, analysts, financial medias and shareholders. This division is responsible to the Board of Directors.
Currently, the corporate secretary and investor relations is held by Ford Nathan Masrin a graduate of Holmes Institute, Sydney, Australia. He joined Petro Energy in 2015 and was later appointed as corporate secretary and investor relations in 2016.
Petro Energy keep develop to make sure we can fulfill every energy’s need in Indonesia and also to keep innovating to make us even better.
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