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Petro Energy is recognized as one of the three largest importers of fuel and suppliers in Indonesia, which is supported by Linc Terminal’s storage tanks located in Ciwandan with a capacity of 80,000 MT. Petro Energy has good credit for trade finance solutions offered by leading local and foreign bankers, to support the expansion of trade and business, and to improve the cash flow of the company.

Petro Energy is also a supplier to PLN spreading in several locations in Indonesia. The volume allocated specifically for PLN is of 30.000KL - 45.000KL per month. Petro Energy also partakes in retail sales through its depots with a total sales volume reaching 10,000 KL per month.

With a solid and experienced management team serving as an integral part of the business that continuously improves the quality of support and innovative supply chain in order to bring value to all stakeholders.
With a dedicated course and personal barge port, the distance between the mine and port is 5.6 KM. The port is capable of serving 3500-5500 MT / barge and general load rate of 600MT/hour. Over 10 feeder barges are in operation to provide buffer stock support ready to be shipped to the group owned in Teluk Timbau.

The port of 24 ha with a 12 ha area used for stock storage is capable of providing maximum support of 240,000 MT in a single instance. Therefore, the port owned promises guaranteed quality and delivery.

The barges owned are fully supported by the barge operation division and supported also by fleet and barge companies. Whilst, the Floating loading facility is supported by a long-term service volume.

Pada Idi has a unique product. Most of its products contain sulfur, ash and low AFT.
Specifications of HSD are as follows:
Pipe Coal GAR 5500 ED Typical Specification
Pada Idi has a unique product. Most of its products contain sulfur, ash and low AFT.
Based at a very potential point in North Barito, this cluster has a unique and potential specification with a very adequate infrastructure for future growth.
Pada Idi adheres to the latest government regulations by upgrading its KP license to IUPOP as of 2010 and listed since December 2014
Petro Energy will continue to expand its logistics capabilities by constructing floating storages, storage tanks, procure own tankers and other infrastructure to strengthen the distribution and logistics network.
It has built a strong network with many reliable and leading ship-owners, ship agent brokers and local freight forwarders in handling local
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Petro Energy keep develop to make sure we can fulfill every energy’s need in Indonesia and also to keep innovating to make us even better.
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